Image of Beauty is pleased and proud to offer a unique style of Photo Books. These books are crafted with care and attention to Detail, our books are assembled and printed in high quality Materials and Photo Paper.

They offer a durable and resistant material for dust and some other elements, our designers  will be able to create your Photo book according to your specifications. (please contact us for custom pricing)

Prices here in Shown are in US Dollars and are subject to the exchange rate at the time of Ordering, these prices are Editors Choice Albums standard 16 pages (usually 30-60 images) and Price includes Shipping and Handling to any of our Store or office Locations, for direct delivery please contact us for pricing.


  • 8×11   $250.00
  • 11×14   $300.00
  • 12×12   $350.00
  • 14×14    $400.00